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Still relying on your “gut?” Relo’s analytics platform delivers fast, actionable insights about your sponsorship portfolio so you can increase ROI before it’s too late.

Meet the next generation of
sponsorship analytics

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If you can’t count it, it doesn’t count. Ensure your sponsorships are delivering the value you expect using AI-powered software that identifies, tracks, and evaluates your brand exposure by partner, asset and channel.


When armed with the right historical data, you’ll understand which investments are performing (and what aren’t). Create a data-driven strategy that power the best business outcomes.


Boost results now, not next season. Use real-time data delivered to your custom dashboard to make adjustments and pivot at the right time to maximize brand value. Then, communicate your success to the C-Suite with confidence.

Control negotiations

Replace partner-reported metrics with your own, independently calculated data. Come to the table armed with trustworthy insights that drive discussions.

Identify new opportunities

Discover valuable placements that even rights holders may not know about. Our whitespace tool highlights unused assets that could bring peak ROI.

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