Improve Your Clients’ Sponsorship Results

Discover the game-changing platform that reimagines your approach to sports sponsorship. Add quantifiable metrics to your creative strategies and ensure client satisfaction.


Helping Your Clients Drive Revenue

In today's world of sports marketing, agencies like yours need to be more than just experts in media, experience, and activation. You need hard-hitting data to showcase your creative visions and fortify your client proposals. We help you:

  • Demonstrate Impact: Quantify the effectiveness of each sponsorship, from in-venue assets and logos to social media buzz.
  • Sell More Effectively: Back up your pitch with undeniable data, leading to more won pitches, fortified relationships, and increased client confidence.
  • See the Full Sports Marketing Story: Seamlessly integrate sponsorship analytics into your larger marketing ecosystem, with reporting for complete multi-marketing attribution. 


Ignite Your Agency’s Sponsorship Measurement

Your agency is already doing amazing work to bring your clients an integrated approach to sports marketing. Our platform's data and metrics add the finishing touches that elevate your sponsorship campaigns from excellent to exceptional.

Unparalleled Benchmarking

When the marketplace is crowded, standing out matters more than ever. Our platform lets you comprehensively benchmark, allowing you to directly compare your clients’ sponsorship placements against a wide range of metrics and tie them into your larger efforts. 

  • Multi-Aspect Comparisons: Go beyond basic metrics such as engagement, to truly understand how to optimize client activations through quality scoring, audience demographics, and viewership metrics.
  • League-Level Analysis: To understand where to get the most out of your clients’ investments within the vast sponsorship and advertising ecosystem.
  • Data Freshness: Benefit from real-time updates that keep your agency agile. Make critical decisions with the most current data at your fingertips.
Communication & Reporting

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to understanding the moves of your competitors. Our platform delves deep into the investments of rival agencies, equipping you with the insights you need to stay ahead.

  • Investment Tracking: Get a line-by-line breakdown of where competitors are investing their sponsorship dollars. See the sectors, the teams, and even the types of assets they focus on.
  • Market Gap Identification: Use our data to discover opportunities competitors have overlooked. Be the first to seize the moment, whether it’s an emerging sport or an underutilized social media channel.
  • ROI Evaluation: Don’t just know where competitors are — know how well they do. Our platform offers ROI metrics that allow you to compare your campaigns against the competition so you know where you stand.

Improved Performance

Today’s market requires an agile approach to campaign management. Our product features allow you to modify campaigns as they’re unfolding, ensuring that you're always maximizing the value of each sponsorship deal.

  • Monitor Performance: Track assets in an intuitive platform, and pipe this information back into your data warehouse via API for multi-channel attribution tracking.
  • Granular Metrics: From tweets to broadcast exposure, from social monitoring to engagement rates, get a nuanced understanding of each asset’s performance. We leave no stone unturned.
  • Multi-Channel Metrics: A single sponsorship often spans multiple channels, and our platform tracks them all. Whether your asset is a social media hashtag, an in-venue sign, or a logo on a broadcast, understand how each contributes to the overall campaign’s success.

Agencies We Work With

  • Optimum Sports
  • MKTG
  • Mindshare
  • Genesco Sports Enterprises
  • Dentsu
  • Intersport

Exceed Your Clients’ Sponsorship Expectations

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