Measure and Prove the Impact of Your Sponsorships

Your assets are valuable, and our platform helps you quantify that value with precision. Simplify reporting and deliver insights that resonate with your brand partners.


Analytics Made Easy for Media Sponsorships

Media companies who are on the buy and sell side of sponsorship,  can leverage Relo Metrics’ data including complex virtual executions and content integrations into programming. 

Here’s how.

  • Exposure Evaluation: Real-time tracking to identify which placements get the most attention.
  • ROI Analysis: Comprehensive breakdowns to help you and your brand partners understand the value generated from sponsorships.
  • Instant Reports: Generate insightful reports from an option of pre-made, easy-to-use templates whenever you need them.
  • Flexibility to Improve: Use data to update your strategies seamlessly throughout the season without friction.


Achieve Sponsorship Success for Your Brands

Armed with our state-of-the-art analytics and reporting, you'll not only meet but exceed brand expectations — securing lasting partnerships and retaining and bringing in new revenue.

Exposure Analytics

Gain unparalleled insights into the reach of your media assets across different channels. Whether it’s broadcast, social media, or in-venue placements, our analytics offer a detailed view.

  • Omnichannel Data Aggregation: Pull data from varied media channels to obtain a comprehensive understanding.
  • Monetized Value Metrics: Convert exposure metrics into actual monetary terms for a true sense of ROI.
  • Asset-Level Performance: Gauge the effectiveness of each branded element in your campaign to refine your strategy.
Agility & Adaptability

Traditional static models are yesterday's news. Adapt and pivot your strategies instantly to capitalize on new opportunities and insights.

  • Immediate Strategy Overhauls: Make timely changes based on the most recent analytics.
  • Data-Driven Seasonal Planning: Utilize past performance data to forecast and adapt to seasonal trends.
  • Market Sentiment Analysis: Understand audience preferences and sentiment to refine your approach.
Transparent Reporting

Reporting shouldn't be a one-off task at the end of the season. Our platform facilitates ongoing conversations between you and your brand partners, backed by data.

  • Ready-to-Use Reports: Generate reports in just a few minutes, without compromising on detail.
  • Engagement Metrics: Understand how your audience interacts with each sponsorship, from impressions to clicks.
  • Deep ROI Analysis: Dive into comprehensive ROI breakdowns to assess the value generated from each sponsorship.

Media Companies We Work With

  • Univision
  • Charter Communications
  • Paramount+
  • Warner Brother Discovery - Sports


Sponsorship Insights & Resources

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