The Technology Behind Relo Data

Relo Metrics delivers unmatched sponsorship valuation and measurement data through our proprietary computer vision models. Designed uniquely for each league, we offer transparency, granularity, and consistency you can count on. 


Our Proprietary Computer Vision Models

We pride ourselves on providing unmatched granularity and consistency in sports sponsorship measurement data. Unlike many providers, our comprehensive sponsorship valuation originates entirely in-house. At Relo Metrics, we:

  • Maintain end-to-end data ownership, ensuring reliability and transparency.
  • Create league-specific computer vision models to provide unparalleled detail.
  • Offer the ability to pivot rapidly, keeping your data up to date. 
  • Reduce the time you spend on data verification and offer security and consistency in data delivery. 
  • Eliminate the risk of outsourced data suddenly not coming in. 


The Media Value Center and Relo Census

See exactly how we've harnessed our proprietary technology to develop cutting-edge products that make a difference to your company.

Media Value Center

The Media Value Center (MVC) is a platform designed to enhance the understanding of your sports sponsorships or partnerships by offering detailed metrics across your specific properties and individual assets. It provides tactical and timely data, enabling timely market adjustments and better daily operational decisions. 

Relo Census

Relo Census provides the most comprehensive sponsorship data across all major US leagues, encompassing valuation data for every team, asset, and brand. This census level data empowers you to see the full sponsorship landscape and make strategic, data-driven decisions. With Relo Census, you'll quickly pinpoint valuable sports assets, discover underpriced opportunities, and optimize partnerships for unparalleled value.


The Foundation of the Relo Metrics Platform

Grounded in the most highly-targeted logo detection computer vision models and broad-reaching insights, we are a top choice to measure sports sponsorships effectively — and it all starts with the core pillars of our technology.

  • Robust Infrastructure

    Our technology is meticulously curated and maintained by the Relo team. From data ingestion to annotation, computer vision, QA, ops management, and personal assistance from our customer success team, we ensure seamless integration and operation.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

    Set up MVC to track almost any live sporting event sponsored, aired on broadcast, streaming, or seen on social. Tap into a full dataset of all sponsorship data in the NFL, MLS, MLB, NBA, WNBA, and NHL in Relo Census.

  • Advanced Tools

    Equipped with several advanced tools, from in-depth reporting to dynamic social metrics and sophisticated data integration features like APIs and Snowflake, Relo offers a one-stop solution for all sponsorship measurement needs.

See Relo Metrics in Action