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Win at Work — And Life

Imagine a workplace that doesn't just want you for your skills, but also cares about your well-being and happiness. That's Relo Metrics. We go the extra mile to offer top-tier benefits that make your professional journey rewarding and enjoyable. 

  • Hub & Spoke, Remote

    We have teams in LA, New York, and London who regularly co-work together and remote teams across the globe. Working from "the office" is a space for collaboration and connection, so whether you're in town and want to meet up, or work from a beach or a mountaintop, we keep collaboration easy.

  • Top Notch Health Insurance

    We're not just invested in your work. We're invested in you. Our health insurance plan and wellness culture ingrained in our company keep you physically and mentally healthy. So go ahead, log on each day feeling like a million bucks because we've got your back. 

  • Flexible Time Off

    We're all about that work-life integration. Need a day to unplug and recharge? Heading out on a family vacation? Our flexible time-off policy has got you covered. Return to your desk refreshed, revitalized, and ready to go. 

  • Focus Fridays

    In the spirit of staying focused, we encourage our teams to block off calendars on Friday afternoons, after 1PM  and go meeting-free.

  • IRLs (In Real Life)

    For those "Hey, let's meet IRL" moments, we're gathering teams for planning offsite and we've got a monthly budget per employee that says, "Why not?" It's about turning screen time into quality time, where ideas and energy flow freely. 

  • All The Extras

    All-Hands meetings. Regional happy hours. Office hours for the CEO. Leadership setting boundaries, not limitations. Quarterly game days. WeWork passes and flexibility. Friendly faces on Zoom. These are some of the additional benefits that Relo offers to set us apart.