Introducing Our Key Partners

Our technology partnerships are more than just collaborations. They are strategic alliances that enhance the capabilities of our platform. Discover how VideoAmp, SponsorPulse, Snowflake, and SQAD contribute to making Relo Metrics an industry leader in sports sponsorship measurement.


Enhancing Your User Experience, One Partnership at a Time

We've handpicked our partners to ensure that your experience with Relo Metrics is nothing short of extraordinary. Here's how these strategic alliances add layers of value to your sponsorship measurement and analytics journey.

  • Total Data Analysis: Our partners contribute unique datasets that enrich our analytics capabilities.
  • Complete Efficiency: Through automated workflows and streamlined processes, we deliver faster and more accurate results.
  • Your Data Where You Want it. With VideoAmp and SQAD data integrated into Relo's platform, you get the best viewership and spot-cost data available. We're also compiling data from SponsorPulse to measure the immediate impact on business outcomes. Take it one step further and take your data into Snowflake for even more outcome-driven measurement.

The Partners Who Amplify Us

Measuring Business Outcomes Across All Channels

Each of our partners brings something unique to the table. This partner ecosystem offers a seamless experience that turns your data from mere measurements into revenue-generating opportunities.



VideoAmp specializes in advertising measurement and optimization. Our collaboration enables us to offer highly accurate, real-time resources for measuring brand exposure and sponsorships during live events.


With over 40 years as the leader in media cost research tools, Guideline provides the most complete cost database for Network TV, Cable TV, SpotTV, Hispanic TV, Internet Display/Video, Radio, and out-of-home.

Sports Innovation Lab

Sports Innovation Lab is a data, insights, and analytics company that enables brands and sports properties to build more eective sponsorships, improve targeted advertising, and enhance fan experiences.


SponsorPulse provides sponsorship intelligence and consumer insights. Our partnership focuses on applying these insights to measure the impact of sponsorship exposure and reach.


Snowflake's Sports Data Cloud is a game-changer for data management and analytics. Our collaboration allows us to offer datasets on Snowflake Marketplace, providing comprehensive insights into brand exposure, particularly for the 2022-2023 NFL season.

x (Twitter)

As a trusted X (formerly Twitter) Partner Relo has enterprise API access directly from Twitter to deliver the most precise brand exposure data across the popular social channel.


Track and monitor brand exposure of sponsored posts published on Facebook and Facebook Reels. Brand exposure includes a visible logo and text-based mentions across Facebook. Combined with audience engagement, fan insights, and influence to capture the media value of branded content on social posts.


Track and monitor brand exposure of sponsored posts published on Instagram. Brand exposure includes a visible logo and text-based mentions across Instagram. Combined with audience engagement, fan insights, and influence to capture the media value of branded content on social posts.


Track and monitor brand exposure of sponsored posts published on TikTok. Brand exposure includes a visible logo and text-based mentions across TikTok. Combined with audience engagement, fan insights, and influence to capture the media value of branded content on social posts.


As the largest holder of onsite search data outside the walled gardens, Captify is the leader in realtime audiences and insights, fueled by Search Intelligence. Captify’s solutions power pre-campaign strategy, programmatic activation, and unique measurement for the world’s biggest brands.

  • "To date, we were able to hit 125% of our partnership ROI goals thanks to the visibility and live key results tracking they set up in Relo Metrics."

    Steven Schmitz
    B2B Marketeer, AZ Alkmaar
  • “Measurement needs to keep pace with the growing sophistication in sports marketing. Relo Metrics' innovative technology and significant scale have allowed Optimum Sports to dig into sponsorship measurement beyond traditional restraints. The Relo Census product offers a look into categories and competitive brand activity that supplements our research and analytics capabilities. In a space that traditionally lacks data transparency, Relo Census is a great data source to help inform us of trends and support our decision-making.”

    Tom McGovern
    President, Optimum Sports
  • "Relo Metrics has transformed how we recap Intersport’s events and share insights with sponsors. We know we need to be smart about tracking exposure, and Relo Metrics was instrumental as we quickly grew from tracking one basketball event during the Final Four in 2022 to 30+ hours of basketball, the Association of Pickleball Players Tour and the inaugural World Champions Cup in 2023. We have consistently been impressed with the caliber of work, speed of results and above-and-beyond support from our account team.” 

    Sara Knysh
    Senior Manager of Insights & Strategy, Intersport
  • "We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Relo Metrics. This partnership underlines our commitment to innovation and excellence, and by utilising Relo's analytics platform, we are confident in our ability to boost the  commercial reach of the club in the years ahead."

    Tim Kilpatrick
    Commercial Director, Reading FC
  • “In a fast-evolving and multichannel media world, it has become critical that sports marketers adopt a strong, data-led approach to measuring and optimizing sponsorship assets and investments. 

    The availability of data on sponsor performance of NFL games on Snowflake Marketplace in partnership with Relo Metrics is a vital tool supporting the growth of our joint customer’s business with rich data insights.”

    Bill Stratton
    Global Industry GTM Lead, Media, Entertainment, and Advertising, Snowflake
  • "With fans now having multiple options for deciding where, how and when to follow their team, 360-degree evaluation of a sports sponsorship has never been more important.”

    Adam Mitchell
    CEO, SponsorPulse
  • “Sporting events have long captivated mass audience viewership and it’s become increasingly clear that accurate representation of viewership is critically important. We’re thrilled to be working with Relo Metrics in a way that gives brands and advertisers a clearer understanding of what their exposure looked like for a given event and what the value of that exposure was. We look forward to further developing this relationship and creating even more value for all parties in the advertising ecosystem."

    Michael Parkes
    President, VideoAmp
  • "ReloMetrics has been integral in providing our clients with real-time metrics in-season. Having data at our fingertips allows our team to provide more precise insights and data-driven decisions can be made to optimize programming.”

    Jamie Wolfe
    Vice President - Research & Insights, Genesco Sports Enterprises
  • "We’re excited to partner with Relo Metrics because it will allow us to understand the value we are offering our partners across our linear and digital broadcasts, as well as our social media platforms. This information will allow us to further optimise our content output and provide additional benefits for our current and future partners."

    Aaron Radin
    CEO, British Basketball League
  • "Working with Relo Metrics has been enlightening. It's one thing to know that media rights and our digital presence need attention, but another to see it quantified. Relo turned our approach from an educated guesswork into a well-oiled machine driven by data."

    Tim Sullivan
    SVP of Corporate Sales & Strategy, Birmingham Legion FC


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