Pioneering Sports Sponsorship Evaluation

Since Day 1, the Relo Metrics team has pushed past traditional boundaries in the sports sponsorship arena to ensure our clients are always a step ahead through innovative, intuitive data solutions. 


Why We Started Relo Metrics

We launched Relo Metrics in 2017, at the time as GumGum Sports, with a clear goal: to refresh an antiquated industry in need of modernization. We looked at the world of sports sponsorships and saw so much untapped potential stymied by outdated approaches. So we decided to act because we think you deserve better. Here’s how we provide you with more: 

  • Innovation Over Status Quo: Our dissatisfaction with traditional approaches propelled us toward technological innovation, eliminating spreadsheets from the equation.
  • Time-Sensitive Decision-Making: We recognized that slow data processing led to missed opportunities, so we made speed and real-time metrics our cornerstone features.
  • DIY Platform Development: Off-the-shelf solutions lacked specificity and agility, leading us to develop our robust in-house platform tailored to sports sponsorships' nuances.
  • Data Democracy: We are committed to making crucial data accessible and understandable for everyone involved — from front-office teams to sports marketers.


What We Bring to The Table

We aim to be more than just a data provider. We've assembled a team that knows the ins and outs of sports marketing and sponsorship evaluation, giving us a unique vantage point. What exactly is it that we promise to deliver?

  • Real-Time Metrics: We leverage advanced technology to offer metrics that are not just timely but actionable, enabling quicker and smarter decision-making.
  • Unparalleled Expertise: Our team has years of on-the-ground experience in sports marketing, offering insights backed by genuine understanding and know-how.
  • Consistent, Cross-Platform Methodology: We stand alone in providing comprehensive data that encompasses both broadcast and social channels, all while using a uniform, reliable methodology.
  • Industry Longevity: Our longstanding presence in the industries you work in allows us to evolve continuously, offering you proven best practices and deep market understanding.


Take a Look At Relo Metrics Through the Years

See how we've transformed from a budding startup into an industry leader, setting milestones at every stage.
  • 2017

    Relo incubated within GumGum, formerly named "GumGum Sports". 

  • 2018

    49.6% Tier 1 North American Rights Holders and Teams signed on as clients. 

  • 2021

    Company Milestone: Over 500+ Media Value Reports Downloaded by Clients

  • 2022

    Jay Prasad, former Chief Strategy Officer of LiveRamp TV, starts as Relo Metrics CEO in October 2022.

  • 2023

    Relo Metrics' Maya Herm launches the Women's Football Collab in the UK - a program bringing together 12 clubs to boost women’s soccer sponsor value.

  • 2023

    Omnicon signs an exclusive deal in March 2023, alongside other key partnerships established with Snowflake & VideoAmp.

  • 2023

    Launch of Relo Census, the sports industry's most comprehensive & granular set of sponsorship data.

  • 2024

    Relo Metrics and Tom McGovern, Optimum Sports, win B2B Adweek Tech Innovator of Year 2024

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