Birmingham Legion

Case Study


In the competitive landscape of sports marketing, Birmingham Legion Football Club found themselves at a crossroads. The challenge: to elevate their financial success through strategic partnership monitoring and optimization. With a vision to harness the power of data analytics, they turned to Relo Metrics. Their alliance has reshaped their social partnerships strategy and led to an unprecedented growth of over 200% in partner social revenue, year-over-year.

Partnership Monitoring

 Relo Metrics' Media Value Center and reporting enables Birmingham Legion FC to track the performance and value of various assets intelligently and intuitively. Real-time results led to an agile sales approach, dynamically adjusting assets' pricing and pitching as the season unfolded.

"Working with Relo Metrics has been enlightening. It's one thing to know that media rights and our digital presence need attention, but another to see it quantified,” says Tim Sullivan, SVP of Corporate Sales & Strategy at Birmingham Legion FC.  “Relo Metrics turned our approach from educated guesswork into a well-oiled machine driven by data."

The Solution

  • Tracking and analyzing the performance of various assets that have not been previously sold, such as halftime graphics, to demonstrate value to partners.
  • By tracking unbranded campaigns from their owned and operated social accounts, they were able to successfully generate revenue around campaigns that were previously unsold.
  • Set pricing for assets, track performance in real-time, and make adjustments if something is not performing well.

"Understanding the value of our media rights and incorporating social media efforts into our sales has been a game-changer."

Tim Sullivan, SVP, Corporate Sales & Strategy 


The Results

With Relo Metrics, Birmingham Legion FC tapped into actionable insights that sparked an incredible surge in their revenue streams. Through the focused selling of jersey patches among other assets, they saw social sponsorship revenue skyrocket, translating into a significant increment in their overall financial health.

The partnership with Relo Metrics has led to substantial revenue growth in social sponsorship for Birmingham Legion FC, with a conservative estimate of 200%+ year-over-year growth in revenue from partners on the social side. 

The partnership's efforts were not just beneficial in revenue terms; there was a marked improvement in social media engagement. Sullivan recounts, "We analyzed the performance of different posts, and the clarity that Relo provides with their analytics helped us understand our highs and lows. This understanding powered our social strategies, which yielded more profound engagement with our audience."

"There's never a question that goes unanswered with Relo Metrics. Their customer service is exemplary, which is vital for such a strategic partnership." 

Tim Sullivan, SVP, Corporate Sales & Strategy 


About Relo

Relo Metrics is an AI-powered sponsorship intelligence platform that allows rights holders, properties, and brands to understand, measure, and maximize their sponsorship investments. Relo tracks sponsor exposures across live broadcasts, social media, and OTT streaming platforms and leverages an allin- one platform with a single methodology in near real-time. Over 200+ global stakeholders in the sports marketing and sponsorship industry trust Relo’s data to power their partnership performance.