Relo Census

Sponsorship Analytics Just Got a Currency-Grade Upgrade

Fuel your team with the most comprehensive, accurate & granular set of sponsorship data across all US leagues: NBA, WNBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, and NFL. We're talking every minute of every game for every brand across broadcast and social media. 


Redefining Sports Valuation

We've meticulously crafted Relo Census to address a major gap in the market, ensuring that our users are not just informed but emboldened. Because of that, Relo Census is the broadest set of sponsorship data the industry has ever seen. 

Key benefits:

  • Complete Coverage: We cover every team, brand & asset across major US leagues on broadcast and social media, making us the most comprehensive sports sponsorship dataset in the industry. 
  • Precision Meets Insight: Our granular data, powered by computer vision, offers unparalleled accuracy.
  • Timely Intelligence: With near real-time insights, data is coming in as the plays are being called. No more waiting for end-of-season reporting. 


Actionable Insights that Go Beyond Data

When talking about sports sponsorships, it's not just about having data. It's about understanding, interpreting, and leveraging it to its full potential. Relo Census isn't just a tool; it is your business’s foundation designed to provide clarity in a complex landscape and enable brands, agencies, and rights holders to make smarter (faster) decisions. 

A Holistic View of Performance

To evaluate your sponsorships effectively, you need a comprehensive view and zero blind spots. With Relo Census, you get just that. 

  • Benchmarking Performance: Compare placements within or across leagues, creating strategic superiority.
  • Competitive Intel: Decipher competitor strategies, investments, and returns, positioning yourself for success.
  • Continuous Improvement: Refine your approach continuously with examples of best-in-class creative, ensuring you're always in the lead.
Strategic Decisions & Sales Boost

Success in sponsorship is a blend of having the right partnerships, understanding market dynamics, and timely action. Relo Census is your guide to achieving this trifecta.

  • Informed Partnerships: Find the right partners from the start to achieve mutual growth and sponsorship success.
  • Market Mastery: Understand your position in a league or market, identify gaps, and capitalize on strengths.
Easy Integration Access

In today's fast-paced world, efficiency is key. But efficiency shouldn't come at the cost of ease of access. The data powering Relo Census ensures you get the best of both worlds.

  • Always-On Dashboard: Customizable insights at your fingertips, facilitating agile decision-making.
  • Access via an API: Combine our Census dataset with any other sources in your own data warehouse.
  • Access via Snowflake: Unlock the full potential of Relo Metrics’ complete Census dataset within Snowflake.


What Sets Relo Census Apart

There are a lot of sports valuation offerings out there today. We like to think we’re a little different. Here’s why. 

Brands detected across broadcast and social
View of the data. Not just your data — the entire industry.
Games per year are tracked and analyzed
  • “The Relo Census product offers a look into categories and competitive brand activity that supplements our research and analytics capabilities. In a space that traditionally lacks data transparency, Relo Census is a great data source to help inform us of trends and support our decision-making.”

    Tom McGovern
    President, Optimum Sports

    “In a fast-evolving and multichannel media world, it has become critical that sports marketers adopt a strong, data-led approach to measuring and optimizing sponsorship assets and investments. 

    The availability of data on sponsor performance of NFL games on Snowflake Marketplace in partnership with Relo Metrics is a vital tool supporting the growth of our joint customer’s business with rich data insights.”

    Bill Stratton
    Global Industry GTM Lead, Media, Entertainment, and Advertising, Snowflake

    "With fans now having multiple options for deciding where, how and when to follow their team, 360-degree evaluation of a sports sponsorship has never been more important.”

    Adam Mitchell
    CEO, SponsorPulse

    “Sporting events have long captivated mass audience viewership and it’s become increasingly clear that accurate representation of viewership is critically important. We’re thrilled to be working with Relo Metrics in a way that gives brands and advertisers a clearer understanding of what their exposure looked like for a given event and what the value of that exposure was."

    Michael Parkes
    President, VideoAmp

    "Relo Metrics has been integral in providing our clients with real-time metrics in-season. Having data at our fingertips allows our team to provide more precise insights and data-driven decisions can be made to optimize programming.”

    Jamie Wolfe
    Vice President - Research & Insights, Genesco Sports Enterprises


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