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Case Study

Stanley Black & Decker Brings Partnerships
Up to Speed with Relo Metrics


Stanley Black & Decker is a Fortune 500 American manufacturer of industrial tools and household hardware with a roster of world recognized brands such as STANLEY®, DEWALT®, CRAFTSMAN®, BLACK+DECKER, and IRWIN®. The company puts special emphasis on driving breakthrough innovation and digital excellence across their entire business – a mindset that has infiltrated their sports sponsorship team. Through their multinational partnerships, they strive to extend the power and impact of their brands to their fans and audiences around the globe by utilizing partnerships to increase brand awareness, brand affinity and influence sales.

But until about two years ago, Stanley Black & Decker’s sponsorship team relied on end of season reports that limited their ability to process and compare performance in real-time.

They turned to Relo Metrics in order to get near-real-time insights so they could see how much brand exposure and engagement their sponsorships were receiving across social media and broadcast within a central platform, and in turn, to ensure their sponsorship performance was aligned with their broader business objectives. With Relo Metrics, Stanley Black & Decker is able to more effectively collaborate with and maximize their rights holder partnerships throughout the season.

The company now uses a highly agile, insight-driven approach to sponsorship measurement, allowing them to:

  • Drive more value from existing partnerships

  • Justify and grow sponsorship investments

  • Reduce the complexity and end the sponsorship performance guessing game

“Using Relo’s platform to first identify the issue, we were able to work with the team to shift the positioning of our signage, saving us $1.3M in potentially lost sponsor media value. If we had not been using the Relo platform, we may have missed this opportunity."

Tony Merritt,Vice President Sponsorships
Stanley Black & Decker

The Challenge

No Easy Visibility Into Asset Performance

Stanley Black & Decker has sponsorship assets all over the world, from the Pitch Level LED signage at FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium to the spoilers on Kalitta Motorsports’ drag cars.

In each of those cases, though, the company had to rely on end-of-season reports in order to better understand how their assets were performing.

They wanted their own insights so they could spot opportunities and have effective conversations with partners around makegoods and optimizations.

The Solution

Quicker Insights for Peak Performance

Stanley Black & Decker’s sponsorship team reached out to Relo because they wanted to leverage the near-real-time insights the Relo Metrics platform can deliver.

Those insights gave them a holistic view of their sponsorship performance across many partners, assets and media channels, all in one central location. With Relo Metrics, Stanley Black & Decker immediately gained access to: 

  • An analytics platform with easily accessible insights that allowed them to compare the performance of their sponsorship assets and partners. The platform is used by numerous people on their team.
  • Segmented data that showed how each of their brands and assets were performing across broadcasts and in branded content campaigns on social media
  • Real-time insights tied to top, middle, and bottom funnel marketing goals such as brand awareness, engagement and affinity
  • Easily downloadable reports that they used to show partnership wins and performance over time to leadershi
The Result

An Agile, Tech-Driven Approach to Sponsorship Measurement

For the past 2 years and counting, Stanley Black & Decker’s sponsorships team has been able to more effectively justify and expand their investments, maximize partnerships and create order within their own department. In many cases, the Relo platform has even helped them save money by tracking activations in near-real time so that they could increase spend in high-performing areas and move money out of low-performing areas.

By tracking and optimizing the media value equivalency over time, the company has been able to increase sponsorship performance year over year.

An example of how this works comes from the company’s investment in signage with teams in the English Premier League. At one team’s stadium, Stanley Black & Decker had placed a DEWALT® logo on a Static Board behind the goal. However, due to camera angle change, the goal posts were obscuring the logo, which was spotted by reviewing Broadcast images within Relo Metrics’ platform.

About Relo

Relo Metrics is an AI-powered sponsorship intelligence platform that allows rights holders, properties, and brands to understand, measure, and maximize their sponsorship investments. Relo tracks sponsor exposures across live broadcasts, social media, and OTT streaming platforms and leverages an allin- one platform with a single methodology in near real-time. Over 200+ global stakeholders in the sports marketing and sponsorship industry trust Relo’s data to power their partnership performance.