Get a 360° view of your sponsorships — all in one place.

The Relo platform gives you actionable performance insights so you can control and optimize your sponsorships across broadcast TV, social media and streaming in days, not months.

Analyze brand exposure in near real-time

See how much value your sponsorship deals are delivering from moment to moment on every channel. Know which activations are working, which aren’t, and how to pivot.

Strategize across partners and channels

Track historical performance for every partner with insights you can count on. Then create a data-driven strategy that drives the best business outcomes.

Optimize now, not next season

Communicate success to your C-Suite and partners using independently-calculated data you can trust. Then use historical performance data to decide how to achieve even better results next time.

Real-time analytics help solve critical challenges

Learn how the Texas Rangers leveraged Relo Metrics analytics platform to grow and preserve partnerships throughout the season. 

The latest from Relo Metrics

Browse news, insights, mentions and more.

The rights holder’s guide to partnerships that renew

Learn about the 5 crucial steps partnerships teams should take to build long term, successful partnerships that renew year-over-year.

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