We’re bringing sponsorship analytics up to speed.

Our platform helps brands, agencies and teams better understand the ROI of their sponsorships in real time, so they can make decisions that make a difference.

When you grow, Relo grows

In 2018, we looked around and saw a sports sponsorship industry stymied by a lack of progress and innovation. So we built Relo, a company dedicated to providing the real-time data and better analytics that makes us smarter, faster, and better at managing the business of sports sponsorships.

We believe that for the sports sponsorship industry to thrive, it needs:


Accurate, real-time data so business decisions can be made in hours, not months.


Fair and equitable metrics so everyone can negotiate fairly.


Task automation so teams can focus on what’s important.

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We’re looking for fans to join a deep bench of engineers, marketers, analysts, and customer service experts that is revolutionizing the sports sponsorship marketplace with advanced technology that maximizes ROI and drives revenue.

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