Maximize Your Sponsorship Partnerships

With powerful tools to understand every partnership asset’s performance, compare team by team performance and benchmark against other teams, you can ensure that your sponsorship investments are providing you the right return on objective.

Relo Metrics for Brands


Partner reports only provide the good side of the story. Ditch the subjectivity to align your team around the actual performance of your sponsorships. 

Proactive Guidance

Equip your team with automation, next steps and insights so they can spend less time doing manual work and more time working on achieving your marketing goals with your sponsorship partners.

Transparent Alignment

Align your organization on a common currency of performance so that you can articulate to your manager or          c-suite how your sponsorships perform and justify future budgets.

Real-time optimization

Be proactive and work with partners to improve assets throughout the partnership. You are in control!

Proof of performance

Justify and benchmark how your investments perform across teams, assets, and branding campaigns.

Deliver on goals and objectives

Invest smarter. Correlate audience engagement and media value to broader business KPIs.

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