Unlock your sponsorships’ full potential.

Stay on top of your multi-channel sports sponsorships with the fast and actionable analytics you need to maximize every dollar.

Capture every moment that matters

Relo Metrics is the only platform that analyzes every brand exposure on live broadcast, streaming video, and social media, so you can see how your sponsorship performs at any time on every channel.

Analyze historical performance

Evaluate sponsorship effectiveness across your athlete, team, league, and event activations in real-time so you know exactly where you are getting the biggest return. 

Take control with data you can rely on

Strike better deals when you replace rose-colored partner reports with your own impartially-calculated data. Walk into negotiations armed with a complete understanding of your sponsorships’ performance over time.

Pivot at the right time with speedy insights

Compare sponsorship performance by channel, asset, partner, and much more. Learn what’s working and what’s not, and collaborate with your sponsorship partners to boost campaign results throughout the season.

The latest from Relo Metrics

Browse news, insights and more.

The rights holder’s guide to partnerships that renew

Learn about the 5 crucial steps partnerships teams should take to build long term, successful partnerships that renew year-over-year.

How Brands Can Use Analytics to Maximize Performance Across Their Sponsorship Portfolio

Visibility of women's sports is surging and brands need to capitalize

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