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Use Relo’s Sponsorship Intelligence Platform to gain real-time customer and team insights that help you identify partnership challenges so you can adapt, upskill and hit your targets.

Relo Metrics for Sports Teams

Automated Workflows

Stop wasting time collating and presenting data. Create reports and alerts with a click of a button for all of your partners and spend more time creating customer value.

Proactive Guidance

With data-driven recommendations and tailored insights, your team can ensure customers reach their objectives. Happy customers mean higher retention.

Transparent Alignment

Visibility into customer performance aligns the entire sponsorship team around the same customer goals so that opportunities for growth and expansion are identified and acted on in real-time.

Trust your media valuation

Using a standard measurement across social, broadcast and streaming saves on reporting time and reduces your vendor costs.

Rights Holders analytics report

Boost sponsorship results

Near real-time insights enable you to proactively drive value throughout the season to improve retention, and increase share-of-wallet.

Benchmark performance

Compare your rankings and metrics across teams, leagues, seasons, and assets to build a roadmap for ongoing success.

Unlock new inventory

Expand partnerships by bringing new opportunities to market.  Relo’s White Space Analysis capabilities allow you to  pre-evaluate new assets and bring them to market to increase sponsorship revenue and offer make goods.

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