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We're redefining the sponsorship analytics landscape.

 Offering an unparalleled combination of comprehensive omni-channel software and a robust currency-grade data set. As the most accurate and granular measurement platform, we transform your sponsor data into actionable insights.

Global data for sports marketing

Take Sponsorship to Championship Levels

The world of sports is a cultural phenomenon that's more than just a game. Yet, the playbook for sponsorship marketing is outdated — riddled with missed opportunities. Enter Relo Metrics — the most innovative, AI-powered sports marketing platform on the market.

What we bring:

  • Analytics Reimagined: Forget basic data points. We turn data into actionable revenue, and provide metrics that enable your stakeholders to gain tangible benefits. We're talking about analytics that delve into the nuances, offering actionable insights that can redefine your sponsorship strategy.
  • Exposure Data Across all Digital Platforms: Our brand exposure spans all digital platforms from whistle-to-whistle,  including broadcast, streaming, and social.
  • Global Reach, Local Impact: We operate globally but with a local touch. Whether you're looking for partners from all over the world or managing a portfolio of 5 sports in NA or the EU, our platform covers the data you need. 
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On Camera, In Social, In Venue

Transform Sponsorship Exposure into Data-Driven Strategies

You want to win — increasing awareness, improving perceptions, making the right deal, driving revenue, and improving consumer sentiment. But let's face it: your budget isn't infinite. With our platform and census-level data, we'll give you the edge you need in today's hyper-competitive sports marketing landscape.
The Sports Marketing Funnel

Creative and impactful signage and integrations create great awareness in a fragmented attention world. However, both buyers and sellers need to understand what business outcomes sponsorship drives across all channels. 

Relo is partnering with best-of-breed companies that track fan insights, search lift, location lift, foot traffic, and brand lift to connect exposure to outcomes.

Partner Ecosystem

We've teamed up with industry leaders like VideoAmp, Guideline, SponsorPulse, Captify, and Snowflake to ensure you're always one step ahead. Layer this with integrations to all social platforms including Meta, X and TikTok - you get an end-to-end complete dataset. Your outcome? A seamless experience that turns your data from mere measurements into revenue-generating opportunities.

Sponsorship Measurement Platform

Sponsorship in sports isn't just about slapping a logo on a jersey and calling it a day. It's a complex play of data, visibility, activation, and ROI. Our comprehensive solution offers everything from currency-grade data and analytics to outcomes. Whether you're a brand, agency, team, league, or media company, our platform is flexible enough to meet your unique needs.

Comprehensive Dataset

Relo Census is more than just an analytics tool. It's the most granular, comprehensive, near real-time dataset in sports sponsorship. Imagine being able to measure every team, every brand, and every placement with unparalleled accuracy for major leagues around the world. That's what Relo Census gives you. It's data you can truly use and data you can trust.


The Relo Advantage

Why Choose Relo?

You need to do so much — manage your assets, negotiate game-changing deals, design the right creative, and so much more. We're a complete solution, making all that possible. Here's how.

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    Unbiased and Accurate Data

    We don’t mess around when it comes to data. We cover whatever sport you need, offer placement-level granularity, and boast a 95% accuracy rate. But what you do with that data matters, too. Our data helps you make informed decisions to justify your deals and invest in the assets that deliver the maximum value and impact. 

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    Cutting-edge Software

    We have easy-to-use platforms, our own APIs, and integrate with Snowflake, so you can extract data in a way that meets specific needs. This allows you to be more efficient, effective, and faster in your decision-making process. Whether you're looking to optimize current partnerships or plan new ones, any one of our tools provides the data you need.

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    Measure from Valuation to Outcome

    We're the only platform where you can use valuation data in a third-party data clean room, like Snowflake, to combine it with your critical sales metrics. This means you're marrying your data so you can measure from your valuation down to your actual business outcomes. Whether it's brand recall, consumer engagement, or sales lift, we help you measure what truly matters.

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    Proprietary CV (AI) Models

    Relo Metrics utilizes our unique computer vision technology to offer consistent and detailed sponsorship data. Unlike other sponsorship measurement platforms, we maintain full data ownership, ensuring in-house processing from collection to delivery. This technology-driven approach guarantees accurate, granular data and the agility to adapt swiftly. Clients just like you benefit from reliable data without the risks of third-party dependencies or tedious verification processes.

Who We Work With

  • Safelite
  • Houston Astros
  • Stanley Black and Decker
  • Optimum Sports
  • Kansas City Royals
  • Charlotte Hornets
  • Univision
  • AZ Alkmaar
  • Birmingham Legion
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City
  • British Basketball League
  • Canadian Football League
  • Dell Technologies
  • Freeride World Tour
  • HCL Tech
  • Intersport
  • Israel Premier Tech
  • New Orleans Saints
  • New York Mets
  • Oakland As
  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • Reading Football Club
  • Royal Belgian Football Association
  • Scottish Rugby
  • Texas Rangers
  • Total Quality Logistics
  • US Ski and Snowboard


Stats So Good, They Deserve a Trophy

Our numbers speak for themselves, and they're saying first place. 

of North America rights holders using Relo’s data
in sponsor value reported to date
brands detected in active sponsorship

    "To date, we were able to hit 125% of our partnership ROI goals thanks to the visibility and live key results tracking they set up in Relo Metrics."

    Steven Schmitz
    B2B Marketeer, AZ Alkmaar

    “Relo Metrics' innovative technology and significant scale have allowed Optimum Sports to dig into sponsorship measurement beyond traditional restraints... In a space that traditionally lacks data transparency, Relo Census is a great data source to help inform us of trends and support our decision-making.”

    Tom McGovern
    President, Optimum Sports

    "Relo Metrics has transformed how we recap Intersport’s events and share insights with sponsors. We know we need to be smart about tracking exposure, and Relo Metrics was instrumental as we quickly grew from tracking one basketball event during the Final Four in 2022 to 30+ hours of basketball, the Association of Pickleball Players Tour and the inaugural World Champions Cup in 2023.” 

    Sara Knysh
    Senior Manager of Insights & Strategy, Intersport

    "We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Relo Metrics. This partnership underlines our commitment to innovation and excellence, and by utilising Relo's analytics platform, we are confident in our ability to boost the  commercial reach of the club in the years ahead."

    Tim Kilpatrick
    Commercial Director, Reading FC

    “The availability of data on sponsor performance of NFL games on Snowflake Marketplace in partnership with Relo Metrics is a vital tool supporting the growth of our joint customer’s business with rich data insights.”

    Bill Stratton
    Global Industry GTM Lead, Media, Entertainment, and Advertising, Snowflake

    "With fans now having multiple options for deciding where, how and when to follow their team, 360-degree evaluation of a sports sponsorship has never been more important.”

    Adam Mitchell
    CEO, SponsorPulse

    “We’re thrilled to be working with Relo Metrics in a way that gives brands and advertisers a clearer understanding of what their exposure looked like for a given event and what the value of that exposure was. We look forward to further developing this relationship and creating even more value for all parties in the advertising ecosystem."

    Michael Parkes
    President, VideoAmp

    "Relo Metrics has been integral in providing our clients with real-time metrics in-season. Having data at our fingertips allows our team to provide more precise insights and data-driven decisions can be made to optimize programming.”

    Jamie Wolfe
    Vice President - Research & Insights, Genesco Sports Enterprises

    "We’re excited to partner with Relo Metrics because it will allow us to understand the value we are offering our partners across our linear and digital broadcasts, as well as our social media platforms. This information will allow us to further optimise our content output and provide additional benefits for our current and future partners."

    Aaron Radin
    CEO, British Basketball League

    "Working with Relo Metrics has been enlightening. It's one thing to know that media rights and our digital presence need attention, but another to see it quantified. Relo turned our approach from an educated guesswork into a well-oiled machine driven by data."

    Tim Sullivan
    SVP of Corporate Sales & Strategy, Birmingham Legion FC

Let's go beyond valuation

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